Foxy Brown vs Remy Ma diss; Why Beef is good for FEMCEES in Hip Hop – Links Below

Well, well, well, guess who has come out to play? None other than femcee Foxy Brown. Foxy Brown whose government name is Inga Marchand has dropped a diss aimed at Remy Ma entitled “Breakover. (here’s a snippet)  I used to love her hit “Hot Spot”; that was my getting ready to go out song.article-image_720-720x540

I have come across a myriad of people who have, since the diss aimed at Nicki Minaj by Remy Ma have stated their concerns about female rap battles. They say femcees should be united and the like, but where was this crowd when Drake and Meek Mill were going at it, with Drake taking the lead with his hit song “Back to Back?” “Back to Back” has in the interim been nominated for a Grammy. By the way (IF YOU’RE READING THIS THUMBS UP OR SHARE)

Truth is people want to see ladies act ladylike when in reality there are women who spit as fierce as men. The first females that come to mind are QB and Bonnie Godiva of Queen of the Ring fame. Their freestyles/battle rap have hurt plenty of feelings and bodied peers in the not so underground Battle Rap scene.

Relax, it’s just rap and the competition is bringing ladies back that the rap scene has been missing, most notably Foxy Brown and Lil Kim – who arguably to some have never left.. Lil Kim herself has stated that she is back in the studio writing her forthcoming album and furthermore there could be a collaboration with her and Remy. FIRE!! And this was all brought to fruition with the light of the match that Remy Ma started with a little diss track entitled “SHEther.” (This little diss track has been climbing up the iTunes charts remarkably fast). More money in the pockets for all of them and I am rooting for it because the disses will eventually turn into full blown records and reopen doors that have for so long been ajar for 1 lone female. It’s time to share the wealth and spread the love and I for one am so here for it.

xoxo, Kanesha

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How to make your strawbabies (berries) last longer.

Buy the nicest patch of berries that you can find.
Use 3 cups of water and 1 cup of vinegar.
Put the berries in a bowl or container and soak for 5 minutes.
Pat your berries with a dry paper towel.
Put the berries and towel in a container; leaving it slightly ajar so that air can escape.
1 week later; nicer looking berries.

Ok so they’re not perfect, but you have to admit they look much better than if they were to sit in the fridge without treatment within even 2 days. And if you’re wondering, the berries do not taste like vinegar. Strawberries are my favorite fruit, so I will be on the lookout and keep you guys posted if I find another alternative and I’d love if you guys would return the favor. Until next time,

xoxo, Kanesha

Remy Ma Follows Up with “ANOTHER ONE” (Link in article)

And the Remy Ma assault continues.

Remy Ma’s follow up track to Shether in my opinion comes up a little short. Is it bar heavy? Yes. The beat is original and she is once again saying what all of us are thinking; exactly what we expect from Remy.

However, it lacks the production and crowd pleasing appeal that SheTher has. This song is more of a bait and hook effort. In other words Remy is riding the wave that got her where she is now (currently #2 on the itunes chart) and she is also trying to lure Nicki to accept the challenge that “SheTher” laid out. The artwork is dope though, it’s an nod to Nicki’s Instagram post at a current photo shoot.

Will Remy’s plan work? Will Nicki respond? It took Jay-Z 6 months and Nicki, the streets are talking. Link to “Another One”


Dress like a lady, think like 50 Shades of Grey

Gray is the new black! I am pleased. I am not a proponent of black, though it is classy as well. I like the color gray because it matches well with anything, it fits almost any skin tone and it’s a cool color that makes me think of blue. With gray you can wear 50 different shades to make an impact; unlike black, which, unfortunately if the primary shade you are wearing does not match the others it will look like you’re wearing mismatched, faded garb.


The suit jacket and skirt are separates from 2 different stores. The jacket is from H&M and the skirt is from Asos (no longer available). If you look closely you can see that the color of the skirt is ever so faintly lighter than the jacket; although they blend effortlessly. I went for sky blue as my pop of color-the top is a bodysuit I purchased from FashionNova. This look can be worn to work, worship, even a power lunch. I am all about empowering women. You look good you feel good!


Rounding out the clothing I opted for (say it with me) gray accessories with the exception of the necklace which you can find here. My suede heels are from Ralph Lauren -I love Ralph Lauren because the heel heights are so practical, and last but not least the bag is from Designer Shoe Warehouse.

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