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Dress like the night; COLORFUL.


I refuse to let winter define me. I am IN LOVE with this top. It is glamorous, yet casual, laid back, yet dressy all while maintaining your modesty. This top can be worn during the daytime while transitioning with ease into the night. The colors just dance off it, and don’t worry vegans it’s not fur. Paired with liquid black jeans and black boots all eyes will be on you. Support me here or here.

I am an avid watcher of YouTube so I can’t take the full credit for miraculously finding this shirt; I got the inspiration from a hottie who has a YouTube channel called StylesbyFash, make sure you go check her out-She dresses classy and conservative. Right up my alley.

The shirt is from Zara, but as you know if you don’t grab up an item right away it could be gone. (In this case I hunted this shirt down on ebay) Unfortunately it is no longer available, furthermore, this top is so unique I couldn’t find an alternative. The jeans are from Guess.

Who or what inspires you? I hope that I do.