Crystal Embellished “Hollywood” Shades.


These are handmade blackout shades embellished with spikes, chains and crystals. They are fly, interesting and unique just like you.


Just because you’re classy doesn’t mean you can’t be daring! These shades are available here at and the crystals can be customized.

Don’t blend in with the crowd! Stand out!





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I celebrate people, I love writing and helping them to access their inner beauty through clothing, accessories and housewares which I believe helps to build self esteem. With those factors in mind I built my business - and this site, so through this avenue both can be expressed; as an outlet. My style can be described as feminine, flirty and sometimes edgy. I am also a person shopper that shops for both men and women so I'm able to give advice on what to wear and how to wear it. In the process I've learned to love myself for the person I've become.