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Gray is the new black! I am pleased. I am not a proponent of black, though it is classy as well. I like the color gray because it matches well with anything, it fits almost any skin tone and it’s a cool color that makes me think of blue. With gray you can wear 50 different shades to make an impact; unlike black, which, unfortunately if the primary shade you are wearing does not match the others it will look like you’re wearing mismatched, faded garb.


The suit jacket and skirt are separates from 2 different stores. The jacket is from H&M and the skirt is from Asos (no longer available). If you look closely you can see that the color of the skirt is ever so faintly lighter than the jacket; although they blend effortlessly. I went for sky blue as my pop of color-the top is a bodysuit I purchased from FashionNova. This look can be worn to work, worship, even a power lunch. I am all about empowering women. You look good you feel good!


Rounding out the clothing I opted for (say it with me) gray accessories with the exception of the necklace which you can find here. My suede heels are from Ralph Lauren -I love Ralph Lauren because the heel heights are so practical, and last but not least the bag is from Designer Shoe Warehouse.

What is your favorite neutral color to wear? Please leave a comment or leave a “like” if you’ve enjoyed. For support feel free to go here, here or here.