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Hotter than fish grease: To be fly or unusually hot as in;  She walked down the street looking hotter than fish grease.



Yes to 40! If you would have asked me that many years ago I would have stated the age 40 is old. Not today it’s a ripe age when most people know what they want and what direction they are headed in (even if sometimes it doesn’t work out that way) becoming 40 is like opening a new chapter in your life, for some one that hasn’t been explored. Financial independence, wisdom to make intelligent choices, assertiveness, your face becomes art, it’s finding your voice. Plus, we join the elite group of hot and 40’s- Halle, Pharell, Charlize, and Matthew McConaughey to name a few . The only reason I would explore my teens or 20’s again is for the amazing way the body snaps¬†back into place. Oh, and maybe the energy.

  1. Life slows down. For some of us in our earlier years appreciating the arts was going on a date or to the movies. Now we enjoy a good play, an interesting trip to the museum, a good book to curl up with.
  2. You know who you want to marry or date. No more frivolous pointless dating or being afraid to go dutch or pick up the tab. Either they are rolling or they aren’t.
  3. Embracing flaws. I have a nose on me, but it’s a reflection of my heritage, my stomach could be more flat -but if it weren’t for it I wouldn’t have been able to house my wonderful offspring. Embracing flaws is a wonderful feeling. I feel sexy in a potato sack! I’m FLAWLESS.
  4. Standing up for yourself. Allowing disrespect is not in my vocabulary. I speak with I mean and mean what I say. How about you?
  5. The ability to be alone unashamedly. No one can comfort me like I comfort myself. I enjoy taking myself to the movies, going on walks by myself, I even give myself pep talks. (Insert D.J. Khaled voice) “You are beautiful, you are smart.”

If you are nearing or at the hotter than fish grease age how do you feel about it? What are some of your revelations? Please leave a comment, I’d love to interact with you. Top right corner.

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