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The real reason behind this revelation is plain and simple. I wanted to feel and look good from the outside. I thought what better way than to get naked?

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Getting naked is something that I have pondered over again and again because it’s not an easy task, everyone wants to look good but does not want to put in the effort to make it happen. I thought what if I am embarrassed, what if it’s just not good and even worse.. what if someone sees me? I decided to bite the bullet; it was inevitable, to feel good from the inside and therefore the outside I had to start somewhere. So I did it!

I walked right into my neighborhood gas station and got Naked.  It was worth the effort and I didn’t feel embarrassed at all, I purchased the flavor “Green Machine.” It looked weird, but boy did it taste good! And.. you know what? I would do it again and again, and so would you. Get Naked here.

Here’s a recipe for a green smoothie using at home ingredients.

So how about you? Have you got the guts to go Naked and if you did, what flavor did you try? I’d like to know. Post your response in the upper right.

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