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I know, I know. Attention seeking blog post. Nope! I don’t do that. Put your presumptions into your purse and sit yourself down. I am here to educate you about a rather simple request that is relatively unknown and I didn’t realize this until I was talking to my workmates and I thought to myself, I can share this with my girls! This is life changing, beneficial information for your homegirl below. Seriously.

Most of us ladies loathe going to the gynecologist for a pelvic exam/ pap smear, not because we don’t like to make sure we are healthy but simply because when we have to  get our exam, it can be downright painful; even when our doctor reassuringly says “relax.” The reason is one of two things, either our doctors are insensitive while examining us or they are just ignorant to this 1 simple trick that can make us feel more comfortable during the exam. I mean LOOK at that tool!!! EEK!


The JUICE (literally)- what I learned from one of my doctors. Before the doctor inserts the speculum tell them to warm it and it will be more comfortable. The reason is simple and natural. We are more “fluid” when we are warm and the warmth helps to ease the tension thereby making the insertion easier.

There is no excuse for them not to warm it, I’ve had them warm it with an apparatus they have in the office or they can hold a towel under warm water and wrap the speculum for a moment or two before they insert it. Sounds simple right? Oftentimes, though it can be a bit embarrassing to ask. If you for some reason feel embarrassed remember that you are paying them! YOU are the patient and it is your prerogative to request changes and if the doctor cares about you as a patient they will oblige, if they won’t, time to seek another gyno. Thank me later.

Do you have any sister girl advice that you can give regarding doctor visits to make us more comfortable? PLEASE for the sake of sisterhood share. I’d love to read your feedback; comment top right corner.

xoxo, Kanesha