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img_8760This coat is BIG, BOLD and CREAM. You MUST possess some kind of confidence to wear a coat like this.(OLD SCHOOL POSE ALERT)  This fur is not for the fashion faint of heart, and while being worn you must be prepared to get stared at in favor or (quietly) in disgust. I choose to wear fur for the warmth and I would be lying if I state that I don’t like the fashion aspect of it. If the fur weren’t appealing to me, it wouldn’t have attracted my attention. And I don’t buy things just to hang in the closet and look pretty. In my state during winter it can get below a blistering 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Just for you to get an idea of how warm it is; I went to Walmart in this coat and (we all know how long the lines can get) by the time I got to the cashier I had to peel it off I was so hot. In short, it’s California in my coat.


This luxuriously warm coat is Mongolian lamb and it can retail for $700.00 USD or more. The question being did I pay $700. for it? The simple answer is no; although if I had the money and I wanted it really badly I probably would have. In reality I paid a little more than 10% of the retail cost listed. That’s right $75.00 for a REAL Mongolian lamb coat. Don’t you just love steals!? I got it from a consignment shop in my area called Avalon Exchange.  Avalon Exchange is one of those little shops where if you don’t grab it up while you have the opportunity, it could be gone in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. So go get you one! Happy thrifting or in this case consigning.

What were your best consignment or thrift store finds? Do you love fur? Do you hate it? Comment to the upper right and have an awesome day.

xoxo, Kanesha