REMY MA drops SHether diss to Nicki Minaj.

Well, it’s about time.

Remy Ma stepped into the ring last night with one of raps reigning heavyweights Nicki Minaj. The two have very different styles; Nicki Minaj is punchline heavy while Remy Ma is bar heavy. Although the styles are different Remy has the capabilities of performing either fluently.

The track Remy just released is called SHether-an ode to Nas’s diss Ether in response to Jay-Z. It is clean, but precise, dirty but not vulgar. Nicki Minaj has yet to lyrically answer though she’s responded with a few memes. 122716-music-nicki-minaj-vs-remy-ma


This should get interesting.

Who do you think got the juice? Who are you rooting for? Leave comments below:


Facebook Freaks

FREAK: A person who is obsessed with or unusually enthusiastic about a specific interest.

Some people need to have a Xanax and take a seat.

Facebook is not that serious, but it is a platform.  Depending upon how you view it, Facebook can be used for good or bad. I myself am far from perfect, I’ve been known to commit a couple of faux pas. In contrast some people post serious knowledge for your mind . Those are the posts that I enjoy reading, but then there are those that can be quite frivolous and downright demeaning. Point. I came across a poster that referred to women and men as animals by stating about the women “they are in heat” and that the men were dogs! One of his supporters added to the disrespect and called women who have multiple children “Pez dispensers” See what I mean? Judge for yourself and tell me what kind of Facebook Folk you enjoy interacting with or are just plain irritating.

  • DRAMA ALERT: Every time this person posts they are talking about the drama that is happening in their lives or even worse, someone else’s life.
  • THE AWAKENED: These are the type that appear online to have it all together and are so enlightened, but YOU KNOW it’s different.
  • THE SCHOLAR (LESS): Does not have a degree in sight but is always trying to be philosophical.
  • THE ARTIST: The wind is blowing, what new venture will they be getting into?
  • THE KNOW IT ALL: No use in getting into a discussion on their page because they know EVERYTHING and if you don’t agree, they will stalk or @ you until you do.
  • THE INSPIRATIONAL : Even in the wee hours of the morning they want to do better and in exchange want that for you.
  • THE JESTER: Well they are just funny, unpredictable and oftentimes harmless.
  • CONTROVERSY: Either their race or gender is superior.

What type of person are you? Who did you enjoy interacting with? Who do you hit that unfollow button for? What type of person would you add to the list?

I’d love to read and respond to your comments.

XOXO, Kanesha

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Hidden Figures is an absolutely stunning gem of a film about a dynamic trio of genius, groundbreaking women who played a pivotal  role of sending men into space and retrieving them back to earth. We know that, we fell in love with that, these facts are what has drawn us to this inspirational film.

In addition to those qualities I was also mesmerized by the fashion. The movie was a feast for the mind, however; the wardrobe was scrumptious- a gloriously aesthetic feast for the eyes. I am not alone in my feelings the Designer Ehrlich Kalfus  was recently recognized by her peers by being nominated for a Costume Designers Guild Award for Excellence in Period Film! From her perspective she wanted “the costumes to have a fresh reality in a period way, that was not too flashy.” She succeeded, because all of the women looked lovely. For me personally  Janelle Monae who plays Mary Jackson, NASA’s first African American female engineer was a standout, her pieces were immaculate. Simply put, Mary Jackson was sharp! The garments were fresh, modest, hip and glamorously understated. The wardrobe contained patterns I have worn today, done with a more modern flare thanks to Zara.

One of the looks that Jenelle Monae wore was breathtaking and made me sit up and take notice. This piece had everything I would wear (if it weren’t deadstock) Notice the contrast of patterns, the bob, the violet lip. She is advertising smart, confident, and trendy with a playful side.


Hidden Figures is cohesive, right down to the wardrobe. Thank you Ehrlich Kalfus for your ability to help us to get to know these phenomenal women from ALL views.

XOXO, Kanesha

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Do you not see that belt and pleated skirt?
Playing with color, red lips, and a topper

What did you enjoy about the movie Hidden Figures? Who was the standout character for you? What look would you have worn during that decade? I’d love to share thoughts. Please follow for more interesting topics or leave a comment or like.


Hotter than fish grease at 40.

Hotter than fish grease: To be fly or unusually hot as in;  She walked down the street looking hotter than fish grease.



Yes to 40! If you would have asked me that many years ago I would have stated the age 40 is old. Not today it’s a ripe age when most people know what they want and what direction they are headed in (even if sometimes it doesn’t work out that way) becoming 40 is like opening a new chapter in your life, for some one that hasn’t been explored. Financial independence, wisdom to make intelligent choices, assertiveness, your face becomes art, it’s finding your voice. Plus, we join the elite group of hot and 40’s- Halle, Pharell, Charlize, and Matthew McConaughey to name a few . The only reason I would explore my teens or 20’s again is for the amazing way the body snaps back into place. Oh, and maybe the energy.

  1. Life slows down. For some of us in our earlier years appreciating the arts was going on a date or to the movies. Now we enjoy a good play, an interesting trip to the museum, a good book to curl up with.
  2. You know who you want to marry or date. No more frivolous pointless dating or being afraid to go dutch or pick up the tab. Either they are rolling or they aren’t.
  3. Embracing flaws. I have a nose on me, but it’s a reflection of my heritage, my stomach could be more flat -but if it weren’t for it I wouldn’t have been able to house my wonderful offspring. Embracing flaws is a wonderful feeling. I feel sexy in a potato sack! I’m FLAWLESS.
  4. Standing up for yourself. Allowing disrespect is not in my vocabulary. I speak with I mean and mean what I say. How about you?
  5. The ability to be alone unashamedly. No one can comfort me like I comfort myself. I enjoy taking myself to the movies, going on walks by myself, I even give myself pep talks. (Insert D.J. Khaled voice) “You are beautiful, you are smart.”

If you are nearing or at the hotter than fish grease age how do you feel about it? What are some of your revelations? Please leave a comment, I’d love to interact with you. Top right corner.

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xoxo, Kanesha



Drake Juice- reviewing VIRGINIA BLACK

As if the takeover by music of Aubrey Drake Graham was not enough, enter his foray into the liquor world. Drake as his fans affectionately call him, is a Canadian born, Grammy award winning singer rapper known for hits such as “Hotline Bling.”

This beverage is an American whiskey and the result of the collaboration between he and Brent Hocking who happens to also be the creator of Deleon Tequila (which I haven’t tried yet) The promise is that the whiskey is meant to be decadent and glamorous… I mean, the packaging is glamorous, yet understated so points for that.

The origins: Although this alcoholic beverage is named Virginia Black it is actually distilled in Indiana. The taste is a result of 3 different bourbons aged and a 2 year distillation process. The liquor content is 80 proof 40% by volume, a litte lower than your average whiskey alcohol content.  1/5 will set you back about $40.00. The site doesn’t speak of the notes at all.

Being a liquor aficionado I detected vanilla; sweeter vanilla than your typical whiskey, but I wouldn’t call it decadent. Decadence would suggest an incomparable richness -to me it falls flat. Whiskey is supposed to be grown, sexy and full bodied. Virginia Black is smooth enough to get by for the average person, but the taste is childish and simple. No complexities involved. Yes, that’s what the tagline should be “VIRGINIA BLACK-THE CHILDISH WHISKEY.” Drake should stick with entertaining; in my opinion the drink is not a staple but instead a fly by night venture.

Have you had the opportunity to try Virginia Black, if you did, how did you feel about it? What is your favorite whiskey? Do you like the packaging? I’d love to interact with you, top right corner. Also, if you enjoyed this review or video, thumbs up please. Thank you.

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Dress like a lady, think like a POWER PLAYER.

I was up for feeling powerful, sexy and classy at the same time. I decided to go for RED.

Who can resist a good modest, yet sexy red dress? Certainly not me. In addition, I tend to lean toward sweater dresses for the practicality. They are very forgiving and hide otherwise problem areas. During wintertime I often get discouraged with clothing in the Midwest because the variety of hues are few and far between amidst the blues, grays and of course black. With that being said, this look is perfect for the winter because it is stylish, warm and introduces a much needed color boost during an otherwise drab season. This style of dress can easily transition from work to dinner, worship or date night.  I purchased this little red number early in the season at H&M so unfortunately it is no longer available, however; although not sweater material, here’s an attractive alternative. (It was very difficult to find a perfect match.)

For makeup I went with a  bold red lip and subtle eyes. My booties are by Marc Fisher with gold detailing on the back, purse is Michael Kors, the sweater vest is Baby Phat (throwback)  and the attractive baubles can be purchased here.

Ladies, be seductive, show the youngsters how it’s done.. “PUT ON YOUR RED DRESS AND SLIP ON YOUR HIGH HEELS”.. you know the rest.

What’s your go to color for the winter? Let’s have an exchange of thoughts and ideas. Comment upper right corner.

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GET NAKED. It’s liberating.

The real reason behind this revelation is plain and simple. I wanted to feel and look good from the outside. I thought what better way than to get naked?

kane497 007.JPG

Getting naked is something that I have pondered over again and again because it’s not an easy task, everyone wants to look good but does not want to put in the effort to make it happen. I thought what if I am embarrassed, what if it’s just not good and even worse.. what if someone sees me? I decided to bite the bullet; it was inevitable, to feel good from the inside and therefore the outside I had to start somewhere. So I did it!

I walked right into my neighborhood gas station and got Naked.  It was worth the effort and I didn’t feel embarrassed at all, I purchased the flavor “Green Machine.” It looked weird, but boy did it taste good! And.. you know what? I would do it again and again, and so would you. Get Naked here.

Here’s a recipe for a green smoothie using at home ingredients.

So how about you? Have you got the guts to go Naked and if you did, what flavor did you try? I’d like to know. Post your response in the upper right.

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