Hello ladies and gents the liquor of choice for this review is vodka, particularly the Effen and Ciroc brands. Both brands retail for about $30 in the larger bottle. See a live review here. Jewelry worn in video here.

A little background about both vodkas. Ciroc is promoted by Sean (P. Diddy) Combs, is grape based and distilled in France;  Effen on the other hand is distilled in Holland, wheat based, and promoted by Curtis (50 Cent) Jackson. Ciroc is distilled 5 times and Effen 100. The distillation process is in place so that the taste of the liquor will come across smoother. Which do you think will win that contest?

I decided to go with the unmixed variety of both to get a fair comparison. Unsurprisingly Effen came across a lot smoother, so smooth that the taste of liquor is almost minuscule. Ciroc, although smooth for the price range was a tad bumpy, but the great thing is that it had a very palatable grape taste that lingers for a moment. The best value in my opinion is Effen because it can always be mixed for that extra flavor one may desire. Both come in different flavors aside from the original non mixed- you can purchase Effen in Dutch Raspberry, Black Cherry, and Cucumber (cucumber sounds tasty) and Ciroc can be purchased in the flavors Apple, Pineapple, Wild Berry, Amaretto, Coconut, and Peach.

What type of vodka do you enjoy? Any suggestions for the next review? Please feel free to leave a comment.


Kanesha xoxo