Who knew whisky was great? Scotch Whisky (without the letter “e”) because we are drinking Scotch here is very fine indeed. I did a comparison between Glenfiddich whisky and Chivas Regal whisky because simply put, I am not a whisky aficionado and I wanted to know the difference in taste between a single malt and the blended variety. For a live review go here. For featured jewelry go here.

Both brands are 12 year scotches. The major difference between a single malt and the blended whisky is the distillation process. To qualify as a single malt or true scotch the liquor has to use one malt during the aging process whereas a blended uses several. Being a drinker of heavily flavored whisky’s like Crown Royal trying a whisky which isn’t highly flavored scared me a little. But, it was worth a try, plus you get to try it with me-that’s the fun part of the process.

The verdict? The Glenfiddich, the single malt is very tasty and smooth; so smooth I could barely taste the alcohol, it didn’t make me flinch at all. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Chivas Regal was choppy, very erratic in taste. In theory the comparison wasn’t very fair because one is a single malt and the other is blended. We’re talking a MAJOR difference in taste. I’ve decided the next time I review whisky I will do a comparison with different liquor houses but this time both will have gone through the same distillation process.

Any suggestions on what I should try next? What are your favorite types of liquors? Have you tried whisky? Leave a comment, I’d love to chat with you.IMG_7613

Kanesha xoxo