Every now and then I get serious about a subject that’s near to me and in this case it’s being as independent woman. Let me start off by stating that nothing is wrong per se about being a woman who gets her own, works for it and empowers another to do the same.

However, there are connotations with this term that mustn’t be ignored. When some women convey they are “independent” they imply that they need nothing or no one to get what they need or want which is simply untrue. We’re discussing those.

We all need help, whether it’s emotionally or financially. Somehow that word has been muddied with the hardcore feminists who suggest they don’t need a man- and most of us who claim we don’t “need” one didn’t have one in the household or simply has never had a good example of one.

Let me be the first to say I do, and I love it. God supports me first and foremost and I also have a loving husband who does as well. See, I need it, I crave it, I want it. All my life I had to fight. I’ve had enough! I started my career at the age of 15 working for the summer program in East Cleveland, Ohio and am still working on renewing myself til this day. So yes, it’s nice to be able to figure out what I want to do whilst not being independent solely. And most often than not for the man there is satisfaction in knowing that he can and wants to take care of his woman and his household and not depend on a woman. I am proud to let him drive.

Being dependent does not entail being lazy as some may think. There are things one can do to soften the load that you think you may put on your man. Take care of the footwork for the family, have a meal ready when he gets home from work, massage his feet, have the house clean, read to him, pour him a glass of beer, and stay sexy. Next time you see a Facebook status that screams “Independent because I didn’t have a daddy?” Scroll past it and kiss yours when he comes home from work.

Comment, I’d love to know your thoughts.

Kanesha xoxofresh