Hello ladies and gents, I hope your day is going well, I am having a good one and it’s about to get better because I am sending my girl off to sunny California by means of a shindig. I am going to miss her, but I get to visit the West coast which I haven’t had the pleasure of doing just yet!

Let’s get into this stout. It’s sexy, polished and luxurious. The pour is very pretty an almost black color if it weren’t for the deep brown tones. I love to pour it because while it’s coming to a head it swirls almost as if it’s doing a dance just for you before it hits the palette. It doesn’t have that much froth which I am told equates a good pour but upon looking up several reviews I find that it also comes in a bottle, so there is where you can find the froth you may be used to.

The taste is deep and dark with a hint of milky bitter dark chocolate. Young’s Double Chocolate Stout is sweet in that sense. That pleasing chocolate flavor hits the back of your throat. Although dark chocolate is an acquired taste for some, the darker the berry the sweeter, in this case stout.

You can see a live review here. Go here for the necklace and here for the earrings worn in the video.

I highly recommend this stout and it is also highly rated on several beer aficionado sites. What type of stout do you prefer? Comment below I’d love to try some of  your recommendations.


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