Kanesha So Poshsutter homeSo, after all of today’s festivities (worship, cooking dinner, etc.) I decided to have a nice sit-down with myself, a bottle of wine, and a piece of raspberry infused cheesecake. I normally wouldn’t drink red wine with cheesecake, or any sweets for that matter, but hey! The title of the wine did include SWEET right?

To my pleasant surprise they matched well. Because of the price point of the wine, Sutter Home is kind of bitter, so one shouldn’t expect a heavy taste of fruit.  But, it fit the occasion which was just to relax and have a drink. Although I don’t highly recommend it Sutter Home is suitable for the price. For a more detailed review of this wine, head on over to my live review at Kanesha So Posh on Youtube.

What’s your favorite drink guys and dolls? Share in the comments below. For the next review/tasting, I may consider a beer. After all, a girl’s gotta burp right? (So Posh).

For the jewelry that I am wearing in the video go to LabelMePosh  the necklace is called “Eden.”

Until next time,

Kanesha xoxo